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Tshirtsrus.com.au Blog Page is all about tshirts, the printing, the range, and answers some of the questions that you may have! The ideas and content of the blogs are chosen by the questions we most commonly get.

The biggest subject in regards to clothing is the sizing guidelines!, Read about the sizing guidelines in the Sizing Guide here! New colours are also covered in this blog post!

Kris Masi

Kris Masi and Peter

About Me!

My name is Kris, and I manage the tshirtrus.com.au company on my own.  Everything from taking orders, to making tshirts, to invoicing, to marketing is all done by myself, and love doing it too! I love seeing customers, and producing awesome designs and work!. I love meeting with our suppliers and chatting with them.  When work is in high demand, I call on my close friends to help get orders out in a timely manner.  My daughter, who is 12, also loves helping out, and always asking what she can do!  My husband Peter will also assist on occasion when we are really really busy!

A small background about Kris – I have 3 Children, 12-year-old daughter, 9-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son.  I also have a husband who likes to help out when possible,  We also have a female Boxer dog, her name is Roxy.  5 Chickens also reside in our backyard, and give us fresh eggs daily!  Another love of mine is going to the gym, I teach Group Fitness classes and also enjoy doing this immensely!

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