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Garment and Sticker Shop – purchase our pre-design tshirts and stickers here. When we receive an order, the teeshirts are then made, we do this because then you will get the latest teeshirt, with the freshest print straight from the printer to garment, and each tshirt is quality checked before sending out. However there is a bit of a process involved in making these awesome products, so it will take 3 – 4 days to send your order. Tshirtsrus then sends your order via Sendle, or Australia Post where basic tracking is available with both services. When completing the order, please ensure that your delivery and email address are both correct, this will make sure that you receive the parcel and the tracking notifications!


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Brand SA Logo

Tshirtsrus are proudly South Australian based and our tshirt printing services are all made locally, to help support Australian local business.


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Not sure about your size? Most of our retail stock is pressed onto the JBs Wear range for Adults, or Biz Collection for Kids tshirts. Sizing Charts are available on each product page, or click JB Wear for Adults, Biz Collection for Kids! A huge range of colours also available to choose from!

Do you have your own design to put onto a tshirt or a sticker? Send a request for a quote here.