Examples of Custom prints

Examples of Custom prints show that we print on many different materials, the most common being cotton and polyester. On these materials we can print in two different styles;  Single Colour Vinyl and Printable Vinyl Print.

The single colour vinyl print is like a stencil or a stamp, where a vector image is cut out of the vinyl and heat pressed onto the top.

Similarly, the multi-colour vinyl print is heat pressed onto the top, however, a colour image is printed onto the vinyl before it is cut, allowing a coloured image to be heat pressed onto the fabric.

Below are some examples of these products.

Printable Vinyl Examples

This is our most common type of print because it is versatile and durable. Any colour is printable and the type of fabric can be anything as long as it does not melt in our heat press!

Printable Vinyl can be applied to anything, including:

  • Pants
  • Tops
  • Skirts
  • Aprons
  • Banners
  • Caps and Hats
  • Socks
  • even some types of Lingerie!!!
     Examples of Custom prints and stickers - Vinyl Print Breast Cancer Examples of Custom prints and stickers - Vinyl Print Cheeky Charli Examples of Custom prints and stickers - Vinyl Print Duff                       

Single Colour Vinyl Print Examples

Single colour Vinyl prints are Great for sporting teams, or simple designs.  They are cheaper and generally last longer than the printed vinyl.  This is because the vinyl is only cut, not printed, so no fading! Glow in the dark Vinyl is also available to purchase!

Examples of Custom prints – Stickers

Yes, thats right, stickers are available from Tshirtsrus! Stickers as long as 60cm or as small as 1cm, you name the size, and tshirtsrus will print it!!! This is great sticker material for cars, boats and other flat surfaces. We even do removable wall stickers.

Examples of Caps and Hats

Tshirtsrus presses Single or Multi-coloured Vinyl onto hats or caps, and some types of beanies. We have many different coloured caps available, or you are welcome to use your own. Tshirtsrus are also able to print on most places on the cap, as long as it fits in the special hat press, and does not melt, we can put your custom design on it!

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