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320gsm poly cotton fleecy hoodies to keep you warm like a wombat!



Wombat Awareness Hoodie:

For every Wombat Awareness hoodie or tshirt that sells,  $9 will go straight to the Wombat Awareness Organisation.  A receipt of that donation is also sent out with your order.

Wombat Awareness Organisation is not for profit,  that devotes itself in the rescue and rehab of the Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat. Wombatawareness.com aim to develop ways to keep the wild population healthy, safe and free! We are proudly the only free range and cage free wombat haven!

Wombat Awareness.com are independently funded, and rely on donations alone. This service is run entirely by volunteers that dedicate their life to the wombat, to make the wombat’s life better.

24 Hour Rescue & Advice Hotline  0458737283

The Wombat Awareness Organisation wants a better life for wombats. We think they are wonderful, unique and important! Rather than blaming the weather, we take a very hands on approach when it comes to their welfare. To every problem, there is a very simple and achievable solution. Even though we have a very small team, we get out there and do our job, therefore we save their lives. The wombats respond amazingly as well to this, and it also teaches us so much about them!

We believe that it is not fair for thousands of wombats to go hungry because we have not looked after their land. Or for them to die out due to the pest (mange).  They are also treated like vermin and killed. So we are developing projects, showing that caring for the wombats, and some money can make the world of difference.

 We have spent over 10 years focusing on:

Wombat Awareness Logo

Wombat Awareness Logo

  • Rescue & Rehabilitation
  • Disease Management

  • Bloat & caecal stasis management

  • Coexistence Strategies

  • Behaviour
  • Free range sanctuary available to Wombats Australia wide!

For more information, head to



The wombat awareness hoodie have Kangaroo pockets and are 320gsm poly cotton fleecy . Nice and roomy for cold winter days

Available in many different colours to suit your style.

Size S M L XL XX 3X 4X 5X
Half Chest 59 61 63 65 67 69 71 73


The sizing chart shown above measures in centimetres, so measure seam to seam, approx 2cm below the armpit for the closest results.

When placing your order, allow for a 5% variance in measurement and weight, that way you receive the closest fit for your body shape.


Please allow approx 2 weeks delivery time, then you will know when to expect your parcel.

Bulk order discounts do apply for orders over the quantity of 10 sold. If this is the case, please send an email to: sales@tshirtsrus.com.au

Oh yeah, and also remember to order your tshirt here!



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