Mr Perfect ON BOARD Car Sticker 135mm


Mr Perfect ON BOARD Car Sticker 135mm is removable for 48 hours



Mr Perfect ON BOARD

Mr Perfect ON BOARD, along with other Mr Men and Little Miss characters are the perfect car stickers that will suits your child, or inner your child!

Everything about Mr Perfect is just perfect. He never has a bad day or anything. One day Mr Perfect hosts a party and invites everyone over, including the ill-mannered Mr Uppity. Mr Uppity never has a nice thing to say to anyone. His guests enjoy the party so much, but Mr Uppity complains about it too much. At the end Mr Uppity says to Mr Perfect that his biggest flaw is that he has no problems.

About the Sticker:

The sticker, which sizes at 135mm (13.5cm) will fit nicely without overbearing your car windows or side panels.

 Our glossy Perfect- Apply, Avery brand Vinyl stickers are Waterproof and last for 5+ years.

No longer do you need to stress with these AWESOME Stickers, because they are so easy to apply and look remarkable!

These stickers are removable, so you can carefully move the sticker around until you find a spot that you like best! These stickers will not move once they have been left alone for 48 Hrs.  Removing the stickers after time is also very simple, simply peel off and put it in the bin! Please note, old paint surfaces may lift upon removal of the sticker.

Stickers are ideal for any smooth area including:

Cars, Bikes, Boats, Caravans, Trucks, Windows, Fridges, Mirrors, Timber, Laminate, Walls, etc

We apply free postage on this item because Mr Perfect ON BOARD Stickers will fit perfect in a normal DL size envelope!

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