Tshirt Wash Your hands COVID 19 Corona Virus


Tshirt Wash your Hands 100% cotton



Tshirt Wash your Hands – COVID 19 Corona Virus

The Tshirt Wash your hands can help assist the slow down of the spread  COVID-19 Corona Virus. The spread can be slowed down by washing your hands frequently, covering your coughs, putting tissues straight into a bin, avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth, cleaning regularly used objects and surfaces and ventilating your home or workspace.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO), said hand-washing was also an act of solidarity because it reduces the risk of infecting other people in your community.

COVID Wash your hands tshirt

COVID Wash your hands tshirt

Tshirt Features and Details

  • Urban Fit
  • 100% Cotton for 100% comfort
  • 165gsm ring spun Jersey knit fabric
  • Marle colours: Coton/Viscose blend
  • Modern cross seam neckband stitch
  • Shape Staying elastane rib crew neck
  • Fold up hem and sleeve for durability
  • UPF rated fabric
  • Complies with standard AS/NZS 4399:2017 for UPF Protection
  • 4XL- 5XL available in all colours except Lime


Jbs Tshirt size chart

Jbs Tshirt size chart




Where the SP Length is the measurement from the Shoulder to the bottom of the top

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.COVID-19 Corona Virus Wash your Hands

COVID-19 Corona Soapy Water Hand Washing

COVID-19 Corona Soapy Water Hand Washing

Do I have to wash my hands in hot water?

Both the CDC, UNICEF, and others, temperature is not an important factor when washing your hands, with soap being key.

According to the CDC: “The temperature of the water does not appear to affect microbe removal; however, warmer water may cause more skin irritation and is more environmentally costly.”

WHO also warns of skin irritation when using hot water to rinse your hands, warning against it.

Can I touch the tap to turn off the water?

It is important not to retouch the faucet in order to avoid recontamination – which is why using the disposable towel to turn off the faucet is important.

Can I keep my nails long?

WHO recommends against having long nails for hand hygiene. According to the CDC, it is important to also keep nails clean: “Microbes are present on all surfaces of the hand, often in particularly high concentration under the nails, so the entire hand should be scrubbed”.

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