Custom printed Hoodie Ramo


320gsm poly cotton fleecy hoodies to keep you warm like a wombat! We always send a Mockup before printing

Allow approx 2 weeks delivery time



Custom printed Hoodie Ramo

Custom printed Hoodie Ramo has Kangaroo pockets which are large and roomy enough for storing your phone, keys or wallet. The hoodies are 320gsm which means the density of the material is quite thick, so it is warm. The material is poly-cotton blend fleecy, the cotton is for comfortability.  The polyester strengthens the garment because it is man-made.

Cotton’s characteristics of soft fabric that is pleasing to the touch, breathing capacity and absorbency make it ideal for blending with man-made fibres like polyester that possesses high strength, abrasion resistance, and wrinkle recovery properties. The blending properties favour the cotton and polyester blend due to the unique characteristics of cotton’s soft-to-the-touch feeling while retaining polyester’s strength.

Polycotton is also soft and light due to the fibre blend and it is less susceptible to excessive shrinking, pilling, wrinkles, and static. Poly cotton blends need less energy to dry because the polyester dries quicker. According to an ETSA study, laundries drying polyester/cotton blends will consume 50% less gas than when processing 100% cotton workwear — making it more environmentally friendly and sustainability more promising.

Available in 23 different colours to suit your style, so you feel good in your favourite colour!

Size S M L XL XX 3X 4X 5X
Half Chest 59 61 63 65 67 69 71 73


The sizing chart shown above measures in centimetres, so measure seam to seam, approx 2cm below the armpit for the closest results.

When placing your order, allow for a 5% variance in measurement and weight, that way you receive the best fit for your body shape.


Please allow approx 2 weeks for the delivery time, then you will know when to expect your parcel.

Bulk order discounts do apply for orders over the quantity of 10 sold. If this is the case, please send an email to:

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