Examples of our Work

We can print on many different materials, the most common being cotton and polyester. On these materials we can print in three different styles; Sublimation print, Single Colour Vinyl Print and Multi-Colour Vinyl Print.

A sublimation print is where the special ink is absorbed straight into the fabric, leaving a permanent clear image on the material.

The single colour vinyl print is like a stencil or a stamp, where a vector image is cut out of the vinyl and heat pressed onto the top.

Similarly, the multi-colour vinyl print is heat pressed onto the top, however, a colour image is printed onto the vinyl before it is cut, allowing a coloured image to be heat pressed onto the fabric.

Below are some exaples of these products.

Both of the vinyl prints can be done on any type of heatable fabrics, the sublimation print, however, can only be done on light coloured polyester fabrics.

Multi-Colour Vinyl Print Examples

This is our most common type of print due to its versatility and durability. It can be printed onto any colour and type of fabric that wont melt in our heat press! We print on Pants, Tops, Skirts, Aprons, Banners, Caps, Hats, Socks, even some types of Lingerie!!!

Single Colour Vinyl Print Examples

In the past, this was our main product, but due to an upgrade in equipment, it is used less often now-days. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not a great product, it just means that people are opting for the ability to print coloured images onto their clothes instead. This product it used for text and stencil like prints.

Sublimation Print Examples

This process of printing allows us to transfer the ink straight into the fabric. It does require 80% or above polyester fabric and it must be on lighter colours. White being the most effective and yielding brighter, more vibrant colours.

Examples of Stickers

Yep, thats right, we can do stickers… large stickers, small stickers, you name it we print it!!! We can even do removable wall stickers.

Examples of Graffiti Prints

NEW! We can now print customised Graffiti Prints. Check out the ordering page for more details.


Examples of Caps

We are able to press Single or Multi-coloured Vinyl onto hats, caps, beanies… etc. We offer many different coloured caps, or you are welcome to bring in your own. We are able to print on most places on the cap, as long as it will fit in our press, and wont melt, we can press your design onto it!

Examples of Mugs

We can also print onto our specially coated mugs. We can print anything onto these mugs, as long as it fits into the printable area there are no limits!

Examples of Pillows and Quilting Squares

We can print onto polyester pillow cases and fabric squares using the sublimation method. This allows for the ink to go straight into the fabric and prevents the unconfortable feeling of laying on vinyl. It has the same requirements of the Sublimation printing section above.

Examples of Teddy Bears

We have a range of Teddy Bears with fitted polyester tshirts. This means that you can create your very own custom Teddy Bear.