Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send my artwork?

Sending us higher quality artwork ensures you receive a higher quality print.

Perfect: A vector file, in either EPS, AI or SVG format, with text converted to outlines.
Good: A high resolution (minimum 300dpi) TIFF or layered PSD.
Not as good: JPEGs , GIFs, or any file below 300dpi.
Do not use: Word documents or Publisher files. Export your artwork to a high-resolution image if you can.

Remember to save all your files with your name and a descriptive word or two so that you get the right image printed on your product. eg. johndoetextprint.eps or janesmithflowerimage.jpg

Please also ensure you specify the position and size of your print. If you are not sure how to prepare your artwork, we will happily help you out. There is a graphic design charge, but we will quote you on this prior to starting any redesign work.

How much will it cost?

As each order is different, we need to talk to you before we can give you an individual, competitive quote. Some factors that can affect the price are:

  • Quantity
  • Type of print
  • Type of fabric (cotton, polyester…)
  • Number of print positions
  • Details of your design (for instance, intricate designs take much longer to print)

How long will it take?

Normally, we can print your order in 2 working days from having a final design. However, some orders may take up to a week, particularly large quantities or detailed designs. Contact us, and we can give you a more accurate time estimate based on your specific order.


What Fonts Can I Use?

Below is a sample of the most common fonts that we use. Click on the image for a comprehensive list of all the fonts that we currently have on file. Have a particular font in mind, but can’t find it? Just let us know the font name and we should be able to obtain it for you.

Here are a few examples of the fonts we use.

Fonts for the following:

Toy Store Chain, 256 Bytes, Agency FB, Aladdin, AR Bonnie, A.C.M.E Secret Agent, Algerian, AR Berkley, AR Blanca, AR Cena, AR Christy, AR Darling, AR Decode, AR Delaney, AR Destine, AR Essence, Bernard MT Condensed, AR Julian, Brush Script STD, Ar Hermann, Athletic, Allstar, Brandy MT, Flashit, Uptown, Gargoyles, Goudy Stout, Hobo STD, Lard!, Quicksilver, Orbitronid, Jazz Poster, Ravie, Royal Acidbath, Forte, Showcard Gothic, Stencil, Thickhead, Tooney Noodle, Arial Black, Elephant, Dark Crystal.

Please keep in mind that not all fonts are suitable for vinyl prints. Fonts that are too thin and delicate, like AR Decode for example, will not bond with the fabric. All fonts are fine for Sublimation Prints.

Vinyl Colours

Single Colour Vinyl Colours

Below are the standard colours that we use for the Single Colour Vinyl prints. If there is a different colour that you are looking for, then we may be able to get it in for you.




Unfortunately, there are some limitations to the types of designs in which we use this type of print. This type of print is for single colour stamp like prints, you can use more than one colour in the print as long as each colour is a separate image in itself. For examples look for the green outlined images on the examples.

Graffiti Text

We use a free online resource to create your very own custom graffiti top. If you wish to have a play around and design your own, then check them out here Once you have created a design that you would like us to print for you, simply right-click the design and select print. DO NOT PHYSICALLY PRINT THE IMAGE! In the print menu, change the destination from your printer to “save as PDF” (or JPG). Then just attach the saved file, with an order form, to an email addressed to us.
Below are images to walk you through the process of saving your work, to view bigger files simply click on the image.


Right click and select print from the drop down menu


Select the change button in the Destination section of the print menu


Change the destination to “save as PDF” instead of your printer. Click ok


Save the document









Promotional Materials

Here is where we keep all our promotional fliers, banners, posters… etc. We do this so that anyone who is interested in what we have done in the past can simply click and see.